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Asigra Cloud Backup

Since 1986 Asigra has been the leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider. Asigra automatically gathers data from desktops, laptops, virtual machines, office 365, salesforce and so much more!

IX Systems Partner

Hundreds of thousands of FreeNAS systems are deployed around the world and can now be used as a turnkey backup, recovery, restore solution with Asigra. iXsystems has become an innovation leader in a global marketplace.

The Perfect Match

The TrueNAS/Asigra partnership was forged to leverage the core capabilities of each product to produce the most competitive and full-featured backup and disaster recovery appliance on the market. The Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance leverages the enterprise storage functionality of TrueNAS, and the backup and recovery functionality of Asigra, to create an integrated appliance that is easier to deploy, manage, and recover backups. The Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance is available directly from Integrated Network Concepts a top rated licensed reseller.

The Asigra TrueNAS product has been well received since its introduction in August 2018, and this award is further proof of the market need it fills. Next step for this partnership will bring the Asigra suite to the community edition of the TrueNAS family, FreeNAS, offering hundreds of thousands of FreeNAS users an award-winning enterprise backup solution as well.

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