Evolved Backup and Recovery!​

Your company’s single most valuable asset may be its dataCustomer data, product data, financial data, employee data – this is the lifeblood of modern organizations. And when something goes wrong, you will not define success by how the data was backed up – all that matters is getting your data back. All of it. All the time. All correct. All at once.

In data backup, recovery is everything. With this as the ultimate goal, your data protection software solution should deliver maximum Security, Manageability, Reliability, and Asigra delivers continuous control with low-touch manageability, centralized operations, and capacity management to provide you with a comprehensive, unified organization-wide view of your systems. Having confidence in your ability to recover data when it matters most comes from trusting in the backup and restoration processes. Asigra has two important processes to ensure reliability in your recoverability.

Maximum Security

AES 256-bit in-flight and at rest data encryption

Agentless Architecture

Dramatically enhancing security by removing points of attack!

Physical to Virtual

(P2V) conversion from a physical machine to a virtual machine.

Snapshot Capability

gives you the ability to achieve aggressive recovery point objectives.


Control to meet the General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Requirements.

Restore Validation

Ensures data is restorable by simulating real recoveries.

Single View

Allows you to manage from an intuitive web based dashboard

Continuous Data Protection

(CDP) can be selected for specific backup sets to ensure you can be up and running quickly.

Autonomic Healing

Verifies the logical and physical integrity of data written to the storage systems.

Incremental Backup

Backup VMs by retrieving only the changed blocks and incrementals from the source.