Virtual Security for Your Business Network

Network Security Virtualization

A Platform to Streamline & Power Your Security Environment. 
With NSX’s one-click security provisions, your network security management just became a whole lot easier. Accelerate everything, from creation to maintenance to applications and data security – NSX gives you the power to automate your security.

NSX allows you to secure your data centers and cloud devices with one comprehensive network security platform while integrating seamlessly with your business applications and providing insights through usage analytics.

From physical servers to virtual servers, your NSX system can keep your entire network and data structure safe and secure with encrypted communications between applications and platforms – no matter where your data is located.
NSX network security virtualization
L2 - L7 NSX Network Security

L2 - L7 Network Security

Improve network security beyond the limitations of hardware by running the entire L2-L7 stack in software. This also gives you the ability to manage consistent networking and security policies across private and public clouds from the same window. Get security for all of your applications, no matter where they are run: VM, container, or bare metal. Get the highest level of security by running all of your applications through one application environment.

Save On CapEx and OpEx

Reduce your CapEx up to 35% by consolidating networking and security functions to a single distributed virtualization platform. This leads to a reduction in OpEx by optimizing your traffic flows and simplifying operations. The Control Plane helps your applications work together through seamless integration. It handles load balancing of your applications in a centralized application, boosting your speeds up to 90% and reducing your cost of ownership by up to 50%. Let INC help you streamline operations and reduce operating costs through NSX.


Let INC help you streamline operations and reduce operating costs through NSX.

reduce CapEx and OpEx

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