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Google Ads Management

With extensive experience in managing paid google ads, we run high-impact ads that bring quality traffic at a reasonable price for any business


Benefits of INC Google Ads Management

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Google Ads with Integrated Network Concepts

Company Interview

We will conduct an interview with your team that will give us a chance to set goals, marketing objectives, budgets, and target CPAs. During this, we'll build a competitive set. that allows us to understand what's already working for competitors. This meeting will help us identify the right tactics for your brand - and when to deploy them.

Website Evalulation

Next, we perform an analysis of the website strengths and weaknesses, best landing pages, & identification of possible conversion issues. From there, we'll build a plan to address them before spending a dollar. Getting ahead of any potential issues ensures we spend effectively.

Keyword Research

Our expert team will find a selection of targeted keywords and build audiences based on relevancy, demand, and competition to ensure you get the lowest CPA and highest quality leads possible. In tandem, we'll build negative keyword list to ensure we're only serving ads in the most relevant searches.

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