IT Solutions for Healthcare and Dental Offices

Is your IT stack healthy? At INC, our managed IT services for healthcare and dental offices cover every consideration: From help desk to data backup and security: We’ve got you covered.

Better Care Starts with Better Technology

Technology is a driving force in healthcare, with everything from patient charts to test results being stored digitally. Healthcare providers need to know they can rely on their IT stack is up to the challenge. 

INC’s IT services for healthcare and dental offices keep patients top of mind by ensuring HIPPA, Regulatory Compliance, and Data Security are front-line. In fact, our 99.9% uptime guarantee means that our Elite IT experts are available for support 24/7 while working hard to catch potential issues before they occur.


Superior Support for Healthcare and Dental Offices

INC’s IT solutions that guarantee 99.9% and consistent network optimization. Don’t settle for less, work with the best. Your patients deserve it.

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The INC Process

We believe there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for healthcare and dental offices, which is exactly why we take the time to learn more about your office and your individual needs.

The process starts with us conducting a full audit on your current IT stack to identify any issues like unreliable networks or insecure data on old servers. Next, our IT experts work on a customized solution to not only improve your current IT stack but optimize it for operational efficiency. Once we’ve got your optimized IT stack up and running, our superior CX team will provide 24/7 support and monitor your systems to catch problems before they occur. 


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We'll Take Care of You While You Take Care of Your Patients

Reclaim your office’s time with managed IT services for healthcare offices that you can trust. We’ll consistently monitor all aspects of your IT stack to ensure that you aren’t held back by bogged-down networks, broken servers, or compliance issues. 

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