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Cisco Duo's Trusted Access Control

Secure access to your applications and data, no matter where your users are – on any device – from anywhere. For organizations of all sizes, Duo’s trusted access solution creates trust in users, devices and the applications they access

Gain Trust

Verify users identities with Duo's strong two-factor authentication - before granting access to applications.

Control Over Devices

After verifying user identities, Duo checks that their devices meet your security standards.

Enforce Adaptive User Policies

Duo lets you set and enforce precise policies to grand or block access attempts based on a user's role, device, and network.

Secure Access to Applications

Secure access boils down to one main goal: protect every application, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises.


Designed for the best user experience, Duo empowers yyour users to quickly access applications with low maintenance.


No matter what IT or security vendors you use, Duo lets you secure access to all applications, for all users, from anywhere with Duo's trusted access solution.

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Control how users authenticate to Duo


Monitor end user access device status.


Users can manage devices

Advanced Security

SSH to Applications

Access Activities

Corporate managed or offsite.

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