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What is vSAN?

Harness the cost cutting power of virtual storage area networks.

vSAN opens the door to digital transformation for every business, without having to foot the bill on equipment and maintenance. With the consistency and speed of virtualized server environments, businesses can focus on the speed and agility of application development. 

Server space is essential for internal business development. With a proprietary environment, businesses unlock the potential of their company by creating tailored tools to improve productivity, flow, and compatibility. With vSAN, you can take the enormous cost of server space and replace it with the low cost of virtualized server space. You get all the benefits of owning your server space, without having to maintain and upgrade your equipment. When you pair your virtual server space with the suite of VMware tools, you get an easy to use platform that drives productivity on every level of your business. When it comes to speed and accessibility, virtualized server space can’t be matched.

Already have a physical server system? No problem! vSAN can host with your physical servers and create a hybrid-cloud system. Mix your new systems with your old systems all in one environment.


INC will help your business make the transition to vSAN. 

vSAN virtual server space

vSAN Advantages


Leverage the power and speed of the latest technology at a fraction of the price. With x86 processing and NVMe storage, fast is an understatement.


Deploy your applications across your network environment quick and easy. With virtual storage, your application sync has never been easier.

Pay As You Grow

Don't foot the bill for massive storage upgrades. Get the storage space you need at a fraction of the cost. With vSAN, you only pay for what you need.

Ready to Virtualize Your Business Portal With vSAN?