Is stating we have a ‘passion’ for solving complex data problems too passé?

Certainly, it’s an overused term. But, in truth, it’s exactly what we have.

As proof, we can turn to the other things we have: the latest training and certification from network software partners; the respect (and sometimes, business) of other IT Service Providers; the unique experiences, skills, and viewpoints of each member of our elite team; and last but not least, a helluva lot of pride in the work we do.

Since we charged onto the scene in 1991, we have specialized in the design, implementation, and maintenance of complex data solutions. We’ll work independently or alongside your team to create a customized data system that will leverage the best parts of your business, to help you rocket towards growth and profitability.

You’ll find we offer the same array of services as larger companies, but with a noticeably more personalized service than you’d expect.

And don’t be surprised if, along the way, our excitement (and dare we say, passion) for finding a better way to make your data system faster, stronger, and more secure, starts to rub off on you.


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Working with us, you’ll quickly see a whole different attitude than what you’re used to...


We have a passion for IT.

We were the kids that used to tear everything apart so we could figure out how to put it back together. Most of the time we even put it back together without breaking it.

We treat clients like family.

That may sound corny, but it’s true. We treat every project as if it were for ourselves. If you’re spending too much, we’re going to tell you. If you’re going to have regrets down the road, we’re going to tell you. We want results that we’ll all be proud of.

We have fun doing this.

We’re engineers. We’re techy guys. We love what we do. Why not enjoy the heck out of it? It’s a lot easier to tackle problems filled with acronyms and technical terms with a smile on your face. And, nothing makes us smile more than solving the biggest IT challenges.


An elite team...

Why do we think of our ourselves as an ‘elite team’ of IT professionals?

(Well, there must be some reason other than having IT Service Providers call us to help them with their own clients’ IT challenges.)

It’s true. We are the IT Service Provider other IT Service Providers call when they need help. And for good reason.

Our team is loaded with some pretty brainy folks who specialize in different areas. So, you always have just the right person for the need, whether that’s preventing a virus from destroying your network or simply showing your employee how to secure a document.

Our team has high-level certifications and tons of experience right here in our office in Avon, Ohio. And, any one of them would be happy to be in your office by next week.


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