Comprehensive Network & Security Assessment

Complete Inventory & Audit of Network Infrastructure

  • -Network Discovery
  • -Application Inventory
  • -Obsolete Devices
  • -Workflow
  • -Architecture

We provide a Detailed presentation


Security Assessment

Network security risk assessment is imparitive because you thrive on your companys stored information!

  • -Discover External and Internal Entry points
  • -Identify Vulnerabilities
  • -Audit and Measure size of impacts
  • -Provide Documentation
  • -Security Audit

Security is a TOP Priority

Wireless Assessment

Wireless Network Survey and Audit

  • – Access Range, Fading
  • – Unauthorized Network Access
  • – Interference with other Networks
  • – 802.11 Security Issues
  • – Radio Survey

Visualize, Manage and Troubleshoot
your wireless Network