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How Are You Taking Advantage of the Internet of Things? Our IoT solutions and services help businesses unlock superior security, performance, and reliability.
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The Internet of Things

The Internet Of Things Is A Network Of Interconnected Automated Devices, Machines, Objects and Sensors That Collect and Transmit Data Without Human Interaction.

If you’re staying in tune with IoT trends, you know that IoT solutions are rapidly changing the way business is done. Contact INC today to learn how IoT can revolutionize your business.

IoT And Sensor-Based Technology Can Be Utilized In Every Sector​

Healthcare, Commercial Real Estate, Retail, Transportation & Industrial

Unlock new heights with IoT solutions and services that provide superior security and performance. 

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The Internet of Things (IoT) i smaking it possible for cities to become greener, more efficient and safer by connecting vehicles, devices and infrastructure together seamlessly. 

We enable smart city applications and systems that are standards-based and interoperable. With open communication links between systems to collect and reuse data from anywhere, cities gain deeper analytical insights to continually add and improve services. And we provide strong wireless security from the device to the cloud to protect against security threats.

You Need To Start With "IT"

Having the right infrastructure and network cabeling, setup, security, routers, switches, and firewalls is the first step into creating your IT Journey with Iot. 

At Integrated we offer a range of intelligent gateways, management tools and services for mission-critical deployments. We provide persistent connectivity, location-based services, and remote monitoring to increase productivity and improve customer service and support.

Smart Building Solutions

Our Strong Points

Whether you are constructing a new building or doing a revamp, smart building technology uses sensors and analytics to provide energy savings, improve efficiency, a fully connected workplace and sustainability. 

Building Automation 96%
Smart Parking Technology 93%
Smart Security Systems 95%
Smart IOT Solutions 100%
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Tailor-Made IoT Solutions

Let's Produce Innovative Results

Integrated Network Concepts develops IoT solutions that improve the technology you currently have, lead to greater efficiency and lower costs. These solutions are based on real time and wireless measurements, monitoring and communication. With our knowledge of software, firmware and hardware, we achieve the best results for you.

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